Republican Majority For Choice PAC Endorses Megan Rath For U.S. House Of Representatives

WASHINGTON, DC – Republican Majority for Choice formally endorses Republican candidate Megan Rath in the race for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional district.

Rath is not a career politician. She is a healthcare professional who has spent her career working to ensure both physicians and patients have access to the care and support they need. As an independent consultant she understands first hand the regulatory hurdles and economic stress endured by small businesses. With a platform focused on education, the economy and fixing the disastrous federal healthcare law, Megan’s priorities are in line with those of the majority of Republicans, and Americans.

Megan Rath is devoted to improving the daily lives of individuals, prioritizing the needs of voters above that of party agendas. Rath’s approach to policy stems from her belief in individual freedom, conservative fiscal policy and limiting the reach of government. “Washington is in dire need of more independent thinkers like Rath, who believe that these basic platform tenants apply to all aspects of policy, from economics to social policy issues like reproductive choice. She will be a welcome addition to the mainstream Republican caucus that will not be swayed by fringe party politics,” said RMC co-chair Candy Straight.

RMC co-chair Susan Bevan explained that, “Rath is a true fiscal conservative who understands that the government should pursue commonsense cost-effective policies while protecting the rights of individuals. These beliefs fortify her pro-choice position, believing individuals should enjoy the freedom to make vital family and medical decisions for themselves. And her emphasis on conservative fiscal policy lends to her appreciation for preventative health services that reduce long-term costs to the government, and more importantly to taxpayers.“

Republican Majority for Choice is devoted to promoting mainstream policies and pro-choice Republican candidates that promote common sense solutions for Americans. From access to the full range of reproductive options including education, prevention, motherhood, adoption RMC PAC works for mainstream solutions that improve the daily lives of individuals and families, while limiting the scope of governmental insertion in homes and wallets.

National Women’s Political Caucus Endorses Megan Rath For PA-01

2014 Candidate for House of Representatives committed to Women’s Rights

Washington, D.C – The National Women’s Political Caucus (NWPC) proudly endorses Megan Rath for Pennsylvania’s 1st Congressional District. Rath is a healthcare professional who is a passionate community leader looking to bring a fresh perspective to Washington.

“The National Women’s Political Caucus is excited to support and endorse a Republican candidate who shares our commitment to women’s rights,” stated NWPC President Linda Young. “We are eager to see her advocate for equal rights in Congress.”

Rath, a graduate of Penn State, has worked nine years as an independent healthcare sales consultant for Biomet, Inc. Rath has a strong history of serving her community, where she dedicates her free time to working with women who have been victims of sex trafficking or prostitution.

“We are confident that Megan Rath’s compassion and dedication to Pennsylvania’s women and families will make a difference in Congress,” said Vice President for Political Planning Donna Lent. “She comes from a background separate and unique from those of a career politician”.

The NWPC is a national, non-partisan, grassroots membership organization dedicated to identifying, recruiting, training and supporting women candidates for elected and appointed offices at all levels of government.