I believe every resident in our district, state and country should have the opportunity to succeed.

As your Congresswoman, I will work to empower our neighbors, our city and our country. We must ensure that every child has the chance to thrive and learn in a safe school.

I believe that the government can create the opportunities for businesses to grow and build a future here in both Philadelphia and Delaware County. Give the power back to the American people so they can realize their own American Dream — because at the end of the day — that’s what this country is all about.


A solid education gives every child the opportunity to maximize their talent and ability to live the life they strive for.

Kids come first, ALWAYS. They deserve access to the best education and best teachers regardless of where they live and what kind of school they are at.

More now than ever, we can not overlook the importance of safety in schools. The top focus of the students should be to learn, not worry if they will be bullied or hurt by other students.

Jobs & Economy

The best way to help families in Philadelphia and Delaware County succeed is to drive industry to our district. This district needs all kinds of jobs — now.

Philadelphia sits at an integral location on the East Coast. We can leverage our port, waterways, airport, highways, and railways to bring more jobs to our community. As your Congresswoman, I will work to improve this critical infrastructure.

I will also work to ensure that our region remains competitive by working together with unions to bring new businesses to Philadelphia, and by working with the state and city to ensure that our tax burden is competitive as well.

Health Care

The new Affordable Care Act has been disruptive, expensive and confusing.

No one, including our own Congressman, read the bill before it was voted on. There is no question that we needed reform to our health care system; however, this bill has been a failure. And there are consequences.

For too many in our community, their health care choices have been eliminated and their costs have skyrocketed. For others, the cost of health care is still well beyond their reach.

Our health care decisions should be made by us and our doctors, not the government.

We must embrace free-market reforms to improve the quality of health care, while also lowering its cost. This includes allowing people to buy health insurance across state lines, promoting price transparency so that we will know the actual cost of treatments before we undergo them, capping non-economic damages in medical malpractice lawsuits to end the practice of defensive medicine, and empower individuals and small businesses to form purchasing pools in order to expand coverage to the uninsured.